Could the end of tenancy cleaning be easy

Are you moving out of your rented apartment? Maybe you are going to a new city, country or just neighborhood. Whatever your reason and new destination is you probably want to make sure that you leave on best terms with your landlord, get your complete deposit back to be able to start the new journey and to make a good impression. That’s why you need to do a full deep house end of tenancy cleaning which can be quite overwhelming since it is the whole house and it needs to be spotless but that shouldn’t intimidate you because it’s very manageable with some easy to follow steps.

How to easily clean


If you have firmly decided to do this on your own or maybe you have a friend or family member helping you to make things move faster and easier then you should make a plan on where and what to clean first and how to proceed to be successful, quick and have time to rest afterwards. Think also about the option of booking end of tenancy service London

Clean the dirtiest places first. Usually the dirtiest places in the house are the kitchen and the bathroom/toilet:

  • Get started with the places that require more attention and time to get it out of the way so you are not tired by the time it gets to that;
  • Clean the big and small electrical appliances in the kitchen;
  • Put solution and let it sit if possible then move on to the toilet and treat any limestone, mold and stains if there are such;
  • Scrub your bath or shower and sink;
  • Mop the tiles very well and if possible;
  • Scrub the tiles in the bathroom from the piled- up dirt etc.

Clean your bedrooms and living spaces:

  • Vacuum all upholstery and mattresses if there are noticeable stains treat them with the necessary detergent or call a dry- cleaning service only for your upholstery;
  • Dust shelves, desks, storages, speakers, light fixtures and power outlets;
  • Vacuum the carpets, flooring and then give it a mopping with suitable chemicals;
  • Clean and open the windows to let fresh air into the rooms.

Clean the hallway and internal staircases:

  • Clean any wardrobes, shoe cabinets, mirrors, internal stairs and their railings;
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor and maybe putting an air freshener and so on.

End of tenancy cleaning is not as difficult as it sounds – check and will make sure. At the end of the day you can only do your best and can’t do miracles but you can make sure that the place you are leaving is in a spotless condition for the next tenants as you would like it to be when you move in to your new apartment or house.