Your NEXUS card is missing/lost? See what to do here for replacement.

Dear holidaymakers, we know that you love to travel but in the same hate the long lines… Are we right? And we are also completely convinced that if you have the chance to make things easier when traveling abroad, you will do it!

This article is little bit different because we would like to pay attention not only to the theme for holidays in general, but more especially to the travels between the U.S. and Canada. If you are a regular traveler of the airlines and often cross the borders between these two lovely countries, then this article will be of great interest to you!

Every passing the customs checks, as well as all the waiting on the lines when waiting for our flight is very exhausting and filled with lots of unpleasant moments… And that is the reason why was created the NEXUS cards! They are specially designed for all travelers who have not the patience to wait on the line for hours and who prefer to pay some money to travel faster and much more comfortable! If you recognize yourself in this picture, but still are not a member of the NEXUS program, then what you are waiting for? Apply for NEXUS card today and put on the end of the endless waiting on the border!

Let’s assume that you already have NEXUS card, but for some reason you have lost it… – Very unpleasant, right? – How you will travel from now on? See more by clicking on the NEXUS card replacement!

NEXUS pass for CanadaDo not worry and keep planning your next trip… There is a solution in case you really have lost your priceless NEXUS card and you do not have not to panic at all! If your card has been lost or stolen, the first thing you must do is to inform the people who have issued it and to follow several steps for its replacement. The same steps are valid in case you have damaged your NEXUS card and would like to replace it with new one…

The process of replacement is different than such when you need your membership to be renewed. Your lost, damaged or stolen card will be replaced with new, as the date of expiation will be the same like it was in your previous NEXUS card. Fill in the NEXUS application when you applying for replacing of your card and then just send the form to the email indicated.

Enjoy your new NEXUS card and travel more!