4 Tips for Selecting a Pest Control (Exterminator) Service in Manchester

To find a good exterminator (pest control) in Manchester is quite a challenge. There are many firms that proclay that they are the best, but the truth is completely different. In this article we will give you the right approach to this common problem with essential tips and what companies you must avoid when coming down to pest control.

1.Start with broad research

First it is good to look on the Internet for some prospect firms. Check their reviews score, is it real or fake, check facebook page activities and pricing. You can understand a lot when you see the same names that give reviews, or the same reviews but different names – they are fake. Facebook user activity is hard to fake, likes, reviews and comments may be more trustworthy. Also there are some big sites that advertise themselves as review-fake free, check them too. If you want to save time we recommend this professional exterminator Manchester.

2.Look for quality and value

After you have done your broad research it is time to look at costs. You need to find the best cost-effective pest control firm, not the cheapest. You can’t buy competency. When we are talking about exterminating and preventing mices, rats, wasps, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, etc we are talking about using pesticides that if misused unprofessional they may have serious consequences to the health of people and buildings.

3.As the right questions

The right questions are the ones that will make you feel comfortable moving forward with this company. Here are some examples:

  • How many years have you been in business in Manchester? – simple question for exterminator expertise, but still easy to forget;
  • Would you provide me with a list of references? – if they are serious firm they will provide and you can check them up;
  • Are you licensed to operate in the UK? – you need a licence to use these kinds of treatments. Do not risk with other options;
  • Can I see the copy of your licence? – remember they can lie that have it, ask for proof;
  • Do you have the right equipment for the job – car, cloths, uniforms, etc.;
  • What guarantee are you giving me that your treatment will actually exterminate and prevent reappearing of the problem;
  • How do they prevent people or kids walking into treated areas? – this will reveal you the attention that they put to the little things;

Asking exterminator right questions will save you a lot of trouble and money, do not hesitate or be shy to demand fast and correct answers. If you do not feel comfortable with the answers – there are plenty of pest control firms outhere.

4.What pest control companies to avoid or be more aware in Manchester

Avoid or be aware of companies that do not list their phone number on their site, door-to-door services that for some reason target elderly people that are more easy to con.

Avoid firms that do bad practices like coming up and pointing at your neighbour, showing you the insects they may be found there – they are pushing you, do not use them.

Be aware of teams that claim that they have the magic formula that works great – all pesticide treatment products are licensed and well known. This is bad advertising at least.