What to do if we get hemorrhoids or fissures – what causes them

When we don’t feel healthy, our daily life is not full either. Same can be said for the appearance of hemorrhoids (internal and/or external), which can literally pin us to bed and make us incapable of any activities. Sounds unpleasant, doesn’t it? Well, the good news is that we can heal, and very quickly by choosing hemorrhoid and fissure ointment with natural composition. Thus, we will eliminate discomfort and pain and return to our normal routine. The sooner we do it the better!

How do we know we have hemorrhoids

hemorrhoid and fissure ointment

Being healthy is priceless. When this is the case, we feel full of energy and zest for life. But what happens when, for whatever reason, we’re not at our best? Well, we definitely won’t feel like work or having fun, and that’s perfectly normal… In this of thoughts, having excellent health is a top priority for each of us. The presence of hemorrhoids does not fit into this scenario, so it is good to cure them as soon as possible if they really appeared.

It is not at all difficult to understand that we have hemorrhoids at all. If they are external, we will feel them in the area around the anus as infected blood vessels. In this version, they are extremely painful and cause great discomfort to the person. In addition, they are also associated with itching, which forces us to stop work and stay at home.

As for internal hemorrhoids, here the pathology is slightly different. They do not give out that they are there with visible signals that they are there, but the symptomatology in this case is not at all pleasant – pain when going to the toilet, constipation, blood in the excrement, etc. If you notice any of these, don’t wait too long and visit your doctor. He will tell you what to do and probably prescribe medication to treat hemorrhoids and fissures.

What causes them

There are several reasons that cause the terrible hemorrhoids and fissures. The sooner you get to know them, the easier it will be able to prevent their occurrence. Here are the leading prerequisites for them to become a part of your life:

  • chronic or one-time constipation – for the record, one in two people suffer from difficult bowel movements, for the record, which explains the frequency of the disease. When going to the toilet is associated with pain and long sitting on the toilet, sooner or later hemorrhoids and fissures will appear;
  • lifting heavy objects – we often do it without knowing how serious the negative consequences can be for us. Lower body tension from lifting heavy objects can be the reason we get hemorrhoids and then not be able to get rid of them. Therefore we must be careful when carrying out such type of activities and if possible – to avoid them;
  • upset stomach and diarrhea – problems with the gastrointestinal tract are a current “trend” in the 21st century, because even children suffer from them more and more often. Intake of poor-quality food and stress have a negative effect on the condition of the intestines, which can “revenge” us with the appearance of hemorrhoids and fissures;
  • prolonged sitting in a chair – work in an office and spend most of your time in front of the computer? Well, that sounds very good, but does it reflect on your health? You’re probably suffering from ailments such as back and lower back pain, swollen legs and… hemorrhoids? Even if it is so, there is a solution, and it is Bene Pura natural ointment with herbs from Bulgaria;
  • birth and pregnancy – a classic in the genre. There is almost no woman who does not have hemorrhoids during the 9 months of waiting for her baby. In the third trimester the volume of blood in the body increases significantly, as well as the pressure in the pelvis. This is the cause of constipation and, in most cases, external hemorrhoids.

Elderly people also often suffer from hemorrhoids and fissures. In this case, the treatment is conservative which should also include the use of natural ointment. The benefits of using it are numerous and the side effects are completely absent. This is the reason why it is increasingly sought after by people of all age groups, as its application is also suitable for children.

How long their treatment lasts

This depends primarily on the severity of the disease. If the hemorrhoids are in advanced stages, it may take more time for their complete elimination. Using a natural ointment like Bene Pura is a surefire way to relieve pain and itching, as well as to achieve complete healing. In some cases, operative intervention is necessary, but only when the case is really severe and standard treatment methods do not give good results. Take care of your health and choose Bene Pura!