Lost NEXUS card – a real disaster!

Each of us travels from time to time. Some of us often hit the road due to official duties, while others just love the holidays and that is the reason why they often travel abroad… But whatever the reason why you travel is, there is one thing you have never forget… – Your personal documents!

Without them, you won’t be able to cross any border and your trip will be failed. – Unpleasant, right? And just think if you have very important business meeting of which you MUST go – what you are going to do if at the last moment you notice that your documents are missing? – You will come back home to take them, or will postpone the meeting? – Whatever you choose to do, have in mind that you won’t be able to go to the meeting at the appointed time, so be careful and before to hit the road just check that you have taken all the documents!

If you travel between Canada and the U.S. periodically, love to explore these amazing countries, or actually you have frequent business engagements that are the reason why you travel often, you can use not only your passport, but a NEXUS card too! – But probably you already know that, right?

NEXUS card lostThe NEXUS program is an incredible way for you to travel to America and Canada when you have busy schedule and would like to move faster. – And not only this! This trusted program is also perfect for people who travel with their kids and who want more than everything to cross the border without waiting for hours (with the kids) on the lines for a customs check. If still, you have been using this program some time ago and know very well how it works, you will agree that to lose your NEXUS card will a real disaster! If this happens, you won’t be able to cross the border fast and will be just like the other travelers – waiting in the tails!

Be careful with your NEXUS card and before to start your travel, make sure whether it is in place. Check out 2 or even 3 times for your NEXUS card – if it is in your pocket and if you have not lost it! Always have in mind that your journey (whatever it is) won’t be the same without using the NEXUS program and the NEXUS cards – respectively. Enjoy them and always be on the alert ;).